Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tied together ;)

Yay! Jess came for a visit. A very short, very fun, thrifting, crafting, antiquing, trip!

Me and Jess

We arm wrestled for this typewriter at the thrift store... and as you know I am a mammoth of a woman so Jess had no chance! LOL!!!

thrift find

We made mini thrifting wish list notebooks (while eating buckets full of junk food)

crafting: thrift wish list

And super cute aprons from Target kitchen towels

crafting: making aprons

We think we should do these whirlwind 36 hour visits more often ;)


  1. how fun!!!! that is my kind of 35 hours.... i LOVE the aprons!!!!

  2. Your typewriter is almost identical to the one I got for Christmas in the sixties. Did you know that the two red key caps--and their corresponding type heads--pop off so that you can replace them with oter characters? I never had any, but I used to love popping them off and on...very hi-tech!

  3. I meant 'other' characters, not 'oter' characters. Didn't want you to think I'd meant 'otter'...although, there might have been an 'otter' character available, I don't know! ( ;