Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Does your garden grow?

8 bags of topsoil, 4 bags of sheep manure mixed with compost, one nicked sprinkler line, a bazillion tree roots and much rototilling here it is. I present to you.... my first garden! It's the great experiment of the summer. I originally had high hopes of planting all my little seeds indoors weeks ago. Then I was going to transplant them all carefully outside after the danger of frost. Funny what happens with high hopes. Instead I took all my seeds and gently planted them into the soil. My 2 year old came along behind and helped me cover them up. Hopefully they are all still in their rows. At some point this summer I want to get a couple of raspberry plants to plant in the middle of the 2 garden beds. I do have dreams of being able to send the kids out to pick salad for dinner. Drying out the gourds and turning them into birdhouses for all the robins who live in my trees. Watching the kids sit outside after running through the sprinklers eating watermelon and having seed spitting contests. I'll post updates frequently. Wish me luck!

Squash, birdhouse gourds, cantaloupe and watermelon.

tomatoes, pablono peppers, walla walla onions, lettuce, carrotts, beats, sweet peppers, and banana peppers.

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