Friday, January 30, 2009

Charmed, I'm Sure


My mother has the most amazing charm bracelet that she started high school. A glass encased mustard seed, a typewriter, an air force strike for when my dad joined, empire state building, a yellowstone charm, mary and her little lamb, a moose from Alaska, Utah charm, a piano with a hinged top, a stage coach from a road trip, baby buggy with moving parts, a bowl, old time roller skate with moving wheels, a cob of corn (!?), and more.

When I was in high school, I received a charm bracelet of my own. My grandmother, a jewelry maker, had taken special consideration to select charms that really spoke about the young woman I was. A sleek cat because I was a cat owner, a clef because I was a musician, a peace symbol for my slightly hippie ways. 8 charms in all that told a story about who I was.

These days I feel my life just gets busier and busier. Littles to make meals for, a husband to adore, a career to coddle. I find that at the end of the day I have neglected so much and wish that I had something to remind during my busy life of the things that are important, a symbol. It came to mind that a piece of jewelry with a silhouette would help me to remember the important things. I also thought it would be nice if this piece of jewelry reminded me of how far I had come in my life and where I wanted to go as well. This was how I decided to give my old charm bracelet a makeover.

I removed her old cat charm, a comedy/tragedy mask and most of the others, leaving a pearl and a silver '93 (the year I graduated high school and met my husband.) I rummaged my jewelry box for unused bits (like my beloved single moonstone earring) and went through my beading supplies for any extras to assemble the beginnings of her new adornments.

One jewelry box find was a single Buffalo head nickel earring from a set I got as a child on a road trip. To make it into a charm I used pliers to make a loop from its post and attached it with a link.

earring turned charm

Other ideas for a charm bracelet can be

  • scrapbook embellishments
  • game pieces
  • small toy bits (like barbie acessories)
  • charms from road trips
  • beads or buttons

For further inspiration take a looksie at this flickr group


  1. It's such a lovely idea to share a blog. And your theme sounds perfect. I started a charm bracelet years ago but I think it only has a couple charms on it. I should dig it out again and start adding to it.

  2. love this idea. I just received a box of costume jewelry that was my grandmothers and in it was a bit of bracelet and necklace I remember wearing all the time until they broke. My mom saved them (like she saves everything) and I've been trying to come up with a way to use them. This charm bracelet is a great! Thanks!