Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frosty Cold

metal cups

10 years ago I was walking through an antique store in Lewiston, Idaho with my sister. Up in a corner behind a stack of books was a stash of aluminum drinking tumblers. There were 10 of them. The jewel tone colors stood out like a beacon of light among all the other vintage wares. The bright blue, purple, pink greens and golds were not even scratched. It was one of those moments where you pick them up quick and look around, like you're sure someone was racing you for them. I saw the price tag of 7$ and looked around again, stunned that indeed I was the only one going after these. I talked the owner down to 6$ and took them home immediately. I washed them in some hot soapy water and poured myself some ice cold root beer in them. The glass was almost too cold to touch. I have memories of Grandmas giving us kool-aid in these kinds of cups on bright sunny days. I remember how hot it was outside, but yet this glass was always so cold.

Now I love serving ice cold lemonade in the summer to my kids and their friends. I think it's funny to see some children drink out of them and whisper quietly to my children, "Why do you drink out of a can?" Those children have been deprived of frosty cold cups and now find new favorites in our home.


  1. I have been collecting these and the pitchers too. I love them. Great find.

  2. My dad was just about to get rid of ours! I snagged em to take with me! I have those memories too!