Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clever Cleanliness

Ladies from the beginning of time have cared about the care and cleaning of their fingernails. Women have gone to great extremes to have polished manicured nails.

Imagine my horror when I realized 2 of my 3 children had been walking around for who know how long with too long, raggedy blackened fingernails! How this escaped my attention, I do not know! One thing was for certain, we had to remedy this.

While picking up the bath toys after the children's baths, I noticed we actually had a decent amount of nail brushes. The solution had presented itself. I scooped up all the brushes and stuck them in a small Pyrex dish. They now reside next to my kitchen sink. When coming to the dinner table now, all children are expected to "scrub up" and have clean finger tips.

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