Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunch Box


"What to make for dinner?" is a daily thought for most of us. We plan the menu and write out the list. Double check the pantry and do prepwork. We want our family to have a

good healthy dinner

So much effort for that valued family time. But how often do we slap some PB&J on sandwich bread and call it LUNCH? or do we grab the keys and hop over to that cute cafe (or even that quick drive thru?) My dear friend, Raesha and I were chatting about how lovely it is to go out to lunch. Who wants boring ol' PB&J when the options outside the home are almost endless and require less effort? One problem, this wanna be homemaker notices immediately when eating out is the HUGE BITE it takes out of the budget. And with little ones at home I also consider the example I am setting and the risk of catching a food borne illness.

Well, I'm here to tell you this is one homemaker taking things into her own hands. I think it's time for a


Here is what we need to do:

  • find a lunch box or basket you love! My little miss B and I found our cute one at the thrift store. It once was a stationary container

  • Spruce it up. For miss B's box we used a cute vintage inspired valentine rub on. I considered a lunch basket with a closing wooden lid that I would have re-lined with a coral gingham and adorned with a ribbon on the handle.

  • Plan out the lunch menu. Include old favorites (yes like pb&j) and new recipes. Flip through your cookbooks for forgotten favorites. Consider your favorite lunch spots' menus for inspiration.

  • Don't neglect that sweet tooth. Is there a new cookie recipe you'd like to try? A treasured candy that brings back childhood memories? put those on the list as well.

  • Be green. Skip the baggies and foil if possible. Use small plastic ware or jelly jars. Wrap candies in scrap paper. And dont forget your napkin! Ours is a vintage inspired hankie print. Miss B loved the hearts!


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