Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ahhh November, Thank Goodness You're Here


Jess and I are ready to get back to this blog! After a couple months of the new school years, sick kiddos, and crazy lives we miss our little blog. This month you can look forward to recipes, craft ideas and patterns, and entertaining for the holidays.

I volunteered to host Thanksgiving this year at my house. I am so excited but knew I didnt have enough dishes for the 24+ people that will be here. I had been watching my favorite thrift store and thought I might collect different pieces of stoneware plates to mix and match. One afternoon I snuck away to find some Halloween costume bits, and saw a huge stack of Corelle stashed behind the other plates. At the register the cashier insisted she had the right price 4 for $1.49. I did argue that they were 4 for 2.99 but she showed me the price list. The lady behind me advised "Just take it honey, it's a deal."

So this year my guests will find all these beautiful vintage Corelle plates to eat from... I am thinking chocolate brown table cloth... but am still looking for centerpiece ideas... Any suggestions?

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  1. OOHH I love mixy matchy dishes and that is quite the deal you got:) Kudos to you for being honest too:) I missed you at church today....I think I'm feeling the same way you are - SO totally ready for a change:) LOVE YOU!