Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rules and Regulations

Rules and guidelines are what help to keep a family happy and your household in order. What better way to remind your family of these things than to have a pretty reminder staring them in the face daily? We were inspired by the example posted here to make some of our own.

Jessica's is huge, made on a 27x22 sized canvas. She used Amy Butler paper and tore it into 2" strips, Modge Podged them on, used a Cricut cutter to cut out all the words and modge podged them on. Finally she covered the whole thing in a super amazing triple coat high gloss varnish, because everything looks better when it's shiny!

Monique used a smaller 12x24 inch canvas. Using paper all from the same collection, she cut hers instead of tearing. After gluing them down, she hand lettered each rule using a paint pen. Lastly she Modge Podged the whole thing.

family rules


  1. These are both super cute and the project is now on my must-do list!

  2. DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great great great idea. I think I know what I'm making my sister for Christmas now:) Love you guys!