Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Crafting: Tulle Wreath & Giveaway!!!

Christmas is less than a month away, time to get crafting for the Holidays!


I saw one of these out on the web done in black tulle for Halloween. But by the time I got around to it, would you believe it? Black tulle was SOLD OUT at my local fabric stores... loads of halloween crafting going on in my town I suppose.

Instead I bought a yard of white tulle and set out to make a beautiful vintage inspired piece.

I used:

1 yard of tulle cut in half over and over again until you end up with 32 rectangles (First I cut up the original fold, folded in half lengthwise and cut again, width wise and cut, lengthwise, cut and width wise again and cut. The pieces are about 8 inches long by 6?
1 bangle bracelet, something small and not too colorful
1 yard of ribbon for hanging
embellishments, I used a vintage clip on earring and some Christmas picks

DSC_1383 I can't explain how to do this step, but can you see how it's done? It's a matter of folding the strips in half one at a time, wrapping over the bangle and pulling the loose ends through the loop. Use up all the pieces.

The Giveaway!!!

Comment here for a chance to win a kit to make your own tulle wreath! The kit includes cut tulle, bangle, ribbon, sparkly leaves, and one pretty button (all out of vintage earrings sorry) Comment by Nov 17th!


  1. that's big impact for such a quick and inexpensive project! nice!

  2. This is gorgeous, what a great idea! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  3. this is beautiful. I would be thrilled if i could win something like this!!

  4. that's amazing and would be great for a winter wonderland christmas theme! love.

  5. Love this! What a fun(and easy!) idea! Dan and I are just starting our "Christmas Collection" of decorations as a married couple. I'm excited to add things that are homemade (and inexpensive!). Great idea - keep 'em coming!

  6. another fun giveway! aren't you sweet???!!!

    hugs, ellia

  7. Wow, this is super cute! What a great idea! I would LOVE to win this, but if I dont I will make one anyway. I love cute projects that are easy and inexpensive! Thanks for sharing!

  8. My post is late. But I wanted to tell you that your wreath is beautiful! ! I saw this tonight, looking for inspiration and there your wreath was. Wishing you joyfull holidays.